Factors to Consider When Getting Modern Custom Wooden Doors

Modern Custom Wooden Doors
Custom wood doors are a classic throwback especially in the modern times. Presently, many artificial materials are the choice for use in the interior doors. However, this is not in any way based on the shortcomings of custom wooden doors. Many opt for the cheaper alternatives or at times the trending fad. Custom wooden doors can give your home an exclusive appeal and should be something to try out if you are looking for stunning looks across the home. There are several benefits of working with custom wooden doors even in your entryways.

1. Energy efficiency

– Custom wooden doors offer great energy efficiency between rooms since they can keep out air from other rooms. This helps maintain the desired room temperature saving on energy bills for HVAC systems.

2. Flexible designs

– Working with wooden doors is easy and they can be shaped into numerous designs which are flexible suiting different sizes and locations in the house.

3. They offer protection and safety

– Custom wooden doors from the entryways to the bedrooms add to the safety of the house by their durability. Whether it is defending against burglars or fire, the strength of the wood delays disaster eliminating or reducing the damage that can happen.

4. Acoustic qualities

– Whether you want a peaceful time in your study or you want to keep off the noise from the TV room, having several custom wood doors in the house can help greatly tone down the noise around.
When choosing custom doors there are a two factors to consider:

Door material

There are three kinds of wooden doors: solid woods, solid-core woods and hollow core woods. Solid woods are the heaviest and strongest of the three. They also have the best aesthetic look and are more durable making them a more expensive option. Next you have solid core woods which are made from plywood or a molded composite exterior. The interior is filled with wood fiber and offers the closest thing to solid wood doors. They however contract with heat and humidity levels being experienced which may be an issue in extreme weather. Finally, there is the hollow core woods which are the lightest option among the three and they are constructed from plywood, a wood frame or hardwood surface. A rigid cardboard ensures they keep their shape. Their lightweight nature means they offer least protection. They are best when not used as major doors since they have poor proofing and fire resistant abilities.

Door styles

There are several modern door styles each offering different opportunities. Since you are working with custom wood you can easily find a style that best meets your situation. Popular styles are:

• Panel doors – These come with a rectangular or square shape pattern that ranges from one large panel to 5 or 8 or more, smaller panels.

• Flush doors- The door is completely flat on both sides providing a clean and classic look.

• Bifold doors- These are a set of doors hinged together and folding into each other and are mounted on a track.

• French doors- These are great for entryways and consist of two hinge hung doors installed on either side of the doorway and swing towards each other.

• Sliding doors- Are two or more doors mounted on a track which slide either to the left or right to create an opening.

• Pocket doors- Are more like sliding doors but usually a single door which slides into a ‘pocket’ partition in the wall to create an opening.