Why Go for the Custom Mahogany Wood Doors

Custom Mahogany Wood Doors
The custom mahogany doors create the classiest curb appeal in both residential and commercial buildings. You can use these in interior and exterior applications. What is even better is that you will be spoilt for choice when weeding through the available designs. The only important thing you need to do is to find a manufacturer who is focused on producing durable and ornate doors.

But why should you consider the installation of a mahogany wood door? The purpose of this post is to answer this question.

Resale value

Replacing your old doors with a modern one is a great upgrade that will boost the value of your home. Buyers are particularly attracted to homes with mahogany wooden doors. This is because the entry doors built from mahogany are not only visually attractive but they also cost more than doors built with any other wood. Most buyers also know that quality-built mahogany doors will outlast virtually any other wooden door.

Energy efficient

When compared with metal and other materials, mahogany doors are more energy efficient. These doors are built to tightly fit. They are very effective in preventing drafts hence reducing heat gain/loss. At the end of the month, you will notice a significant reduction on the utility bills. It is also good to note that wood is a poor conductor of heat. Heat transfer will be reduced significantly. In case there is glass installed on the door, the manufacturers ensure that they are impact insulated. The impact insulated glass helps achieve optimal energy efficiency and it is quite effective in reducing the fading of interior furnishings which is caused by its ability to absorb UV light.

Tight fit

Mahogany doors are easy to customize. They can be adjusted to fit virtually any frame and to fit tightly. They fit with no more than an eighth of an inch of clearance between the frame and the door. These doors can also be fitted with other features such as multi-point lock operating system, concealed hinges or traditional hinges. Flush bolts can also be installed. The best thing is that you get all these features without compromising on the aesthetics. Your wood door can offer security and protection from adverse weather while maintaining a discrete design.


The main reason why people go for the mahogany wood doors is because of their beauty and elegance. They add the element of grandeur sophistication to a building. Mahogany is also the premier wood for high-end furniture, fine cabinetry and front doors. Mahogany comes in different colors which vary from reddish, yellowish, pinkish or salmon colored when it is freshly cut to a reddish brown or deep rich red as the wood matures.

The custom mahogany doors will give you a beautiful addition to your building that lasts for years. The material is resistant to decay, rot and infestation. They are weather-resistant and only suffer from minimal shrinkage when they are exposed to the elements for years. The best thing you need to do is to make sure you work with the best brands in the market. Buy the doors from a company that is known for offering the best quality products.