Tips for Selecting the Right Custom Door for the Front Door

Front Door
The front door is one part of the house that proves a challenge for many, whether it is replacing the door or a first time front door. The bigger part of the challenge is finding the ideal door. This is basically a door that is both strong and durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. The door should also meet the owner’s needs and tastes. Finding such a door may prove challenging but not difficult or impossible. All you need is a clear guideline and plan going through a checklist of factors to arrive at the kind of door you want. Given that this is a custom door you have the advantage of getting a unique item, one which matches your preferences. Below is a set of things you have to consider to arrive at a great front custom door.


It is very easy for home improvement projects to go over the budget and point out what you can comfortably afford. You need to determine your budget and since this is an investment, it should reflect careful planning.

Among the things you need to look into to factor the real cost of the door are:

• Upfront costs and long term ones
• Maintenance requirements
• Hardware and accessories
• Weather protection and performance as well as energy efficiency
• Features included
• Useful lifespan
• Cost and need for remodeling additional entry features
Always go for the door that offers you future benefits in terms of savings on energy as well as maintenance.


Front doors are available in different materials and at times even the materials get combined in the making of one front door. The key thing is knowing the advantages each material offers to identify one you’re most comfortable with. Even when materials are combined there is usually the base material that determines main aspects like style, appeal and durability. The materials used in front door are fiberglass, wood, aluminum and steel.


– Has the advantage of versatility and beauty. There are many options to choose from as well and it offers greater insulation. The major shortcoming is the cost of the doors.


– Has the major advantage of being extra durable. The doors made from this material are also stronger compared to the rest. Steel doors also are the most affordable compared to the rest of materials on this list.


– Fiberglass composite doors are maintenance free and carry a great aesthetic appeal. They work well for people in harsh climates. There is a wide variety of wood grain texturing if you want a wood like feel. They are also energy efficient, dent and rust resistant.

Aluminum doors

– These are the ultimate custom doors. They are made from an insulation core covered with aluminum skin. They also have an enamel finish which removes the need for much maintenance in future. They are the costliest option in the group but have considerable advantages to make up for it.


– You have to determine whether you want a pre-hung door, the kind of finishes and decorative aspects you want, the designs and color and settle for a clear style.