Secrets To Keeping Your Wood Door Looking Great

Wood Door
Whether you decided to invest in a brand new wooden door or you’ve had the entry door for years, it’s important to know how to maintain its amazing look. The custom wood door can quickly deteriorate if you don’t take steps to protect it. Here are some simple ways to keep wooden doors looking good as new.

Know When To Clean It

The number of times you’ll need to clean the wooden door depends on several factors including the weather in your area and whether you have children or pets in your home. If you live in an area with severe weather conditions or you have children and pets in your property, regular cleaning will be required. If not, then cleaning the custom wooden door once per month is enough.

Apply The Right Type Of Wax

Waxing your wooden door once every year is important. It helps to keep the door looking shiny and beautiful. However, you need to apply the right type of wax. Most contractors recommend light car wax as opposed to furniture wax which is only designed for indoor use. Using furniture wax can cause severe damage as it will get to the finish when exposed to the sun.

Proper Wax Application Is Key

Waxing your front door will only prevent damage if it is properly done. First and foremost, wax should never be applied on an exterior door when the sun is out. You need to wait until it cools down or when there’s some shade in order to apply wax. Waxing your exterior door when it’s too cold is also not advisable. When waxing, make sure you cover a single area thoroughly before moving to the next. The process of waxing will be successful if you maintain the proper speed and ensure all the spots are covered.

Cleaning The Exterior Door

Use the right tools when cleaning the exterior door. Do not wipe the door with a rag that is too rough and can scratch the surface. Opt for microfibre or poly fibre rags because they are usually very smooth on the surface of a wooden door. Cleaning detergents shouldn’t be harsh. Avoid glass cleaners because they are likely to remove the finish on your door and leave it exposed to damage. Clean the hardware on the exterior door separately using a metal polish. The door handles are usually exposed to a lot of germs so you may want to clean them using a mild antibacterial cleaner.

Consider Repairs When Necessary

If there are problems with your exterior door, consider having them fixed as soon as possible. Taking too long to fix a broken handle or missing hinges on your door may cause the problem to escalate. Make sure you invest in quality repair parts so that you don’t have to deal with the same problem over the years.

These are just a few steps that you can take to ensure your wooden door remains in good condition. If you are investing in a brand new wooden door, remember to ask about the door’s maintenance during its installation. However, the general guidelines we’ve mentioned above should enable you to get started.