The Beauty Of Real Wood Exterior Doors

Wood Exterior Doors
When the time comes to replace your exterior door, one of the most important considerations is the type of material used in construction. Exterior doors can be made from UPVC, metal or real wood. Each of these materials have their own unique advantages. We’ll take a look at the benefits of real wood when used in exterior doors.

Endless Design Options

Real wood front doors are popular mainly because they come in different colors and can be combined with glass panels or metal to create a distinct look. With skilled craftsmanship you can install a wood front door that has been altered and shaped to your unique specifications. There’s an authenticity that comes with the unique grain effects of real wood that will give your door a classic appeal. It’s impossible to replicate the beauty of real wood.

A Better Feel

Solid hardwood doors feel much better than other materials like plastic or metal. Because hardwood is a strong and heavy material, the door will offer adequate security and last for many years. Wood also has a nice warmth and texture that makes it better than any of its alternatives. It’s pleasant to touch a wood front door than metal or plastic.

Reasonable Cost

The cost of real wood front door can be very reasonable considering there are so many options in the market. Once you install the hardwood door, you may only need to change it once over a period of many years. Other materials like plastic do not last as long as real wood. You need to look at real wood entry doors as a real investment compared to the other artificial options.

Naturally A Good Insulator

If you want to keep your home’s interior warm during those cold months, consider installing a wood entry door. Wood, unlike other materials like metal, is good at keeping in heat due to its composition. With a wood entry door you can also expect proper sound insulation. Any unwanted noise on the outside will not be audible from the inside.

It’s Easy To Maintain

Real wood is very durable and may require very minimal maintenance. The door needs to be installed properly and treated with a lot of care over the years. If this is done, you can have the entry door looking almost brand new 20 years down the line. Real wood can be sealed properly to prevent rot, wear and degradation over the years. Furthermore, real wood is easy to work with so you can always have the door repaired if a small section is damaged.

Increase Property Value

Having a contemporary real wood entry door in your home is a plus when the time comes to sell your home. Prospective buyers will be impressed by your high-quality entry door that gives guests a nice first impression of the home.
Lastly, real wooden doors can be environmentally friendly. Many of them are manufactured using wood that is obtained from sustainable forests. If you choose to invest in a hardwood entry door, consider the vast array of design options to give your home a classic appeal.