Three Most Popular Entry Door Styles

Entry Door Styles
If you want to transform the exterior of your home, installing a brand new custom door would be a great starting point. You’ll need to consider the door design options available then choose one that suits your home. Don’t be surprised if you find an overwhelming number of design options to choose from. But first, let’s narrow down your options by looking at 3 common door designs used today.

The Single-Entry Door

Most homes you come across will have a single-entry door. The door can be designed with some custom glass to increase the amount of light that goes into the house and also add some classic appeal. Single entry doors are usually designed using a strong and durable material to enhance security and also boost the value of your property. Single entry doors can be very cost effective. They usually don’t occupy too much space and can be very light.
When choosing a single-entry door, consider aspects such as quality and energy efficiency. Modern doors will have some extra features that allow you to conserve heat energy in those cold winter months. If you don’t want a look that is plain and simple on your single-entry door, consider adding architectural details, a solid color or a carved finishing on the door to give it a dramatic look and feel.

Single Entry Doors With Light Features

The other common type of entry door you’ve probably come across in many homes is the single-entry door with some side lights. Side lights tend to give even the simplest of doors an edgy look. Not only do light features allow natural light into your home but also create an inviting atmosphere. Side lights are a traditional door feature that needs to be installed by an expert.

A properly installed single entry door with side lights can bring out elegance and class in an otherwise boring entry way. You can have the door itself designed using bold features like a solid color and regular shapes that stand out. Make sure you use high quality hardware on the entry door.

Double Entry Doors

You’ll mostly find double front doors in suburb areas. They cover a wider area than single entry doors making a home more inviting. Double entry doors are perfect if you want to achieve a luxurious and classic appeal in your home’s exterior. However, keep in mind that these double doors can be heavy depending on the material that they are made from.

Most homeowners choose to install double entry doors not only because of the curb appeal but also because they are durable and provide optimum security. There’s also a lot of room to play around with different architectural designs and incorporate other materials like wrought iron to create a stunning door design. Double doors can widen up a property’s exterior and make it more spacious because they cover a larger area. They can also be used to enhance security. If you choose double entry doors, make sure they are energy efficient.