Things To Consider Before Replacing Your Exterior Door

Replace Exterior Door

Your home’s exterior door can quickly revamp the entire space because it’s the first thing people notice when they drive by. Because that exterior door communicates a lot to guests regarding your personal style, it’s worth thinking through the replacement process. Consider the new features that you would love to see in your new exterior door. Whether you want to enhance security, beauty or durability, do not hesitate to go through the following important pointers when choosing an exterior door.

Choose The Material

Door manufacturers use different materials to design exterior doors. Materials like wood, steel and fiberglass are the most commonly used today. Your choice of material will depend on your budget, personal preference and needs. Materials like steel and wood can be used together. A wooden entry door can have designs in wrought iron to give it a modern appeal. If you opt for a wood entry door, make sure it has been constructed using real wood. While laminates are usually a cheaper option, they are usually prone to warping, cracking and shrinking and will not serve you for as long as real wood entry doors will. If properly installed and maintained wood exterior doors can last for over 20 years.

Consider The Weather

Exterior doors are usually exposed to the elements. Harsh weather like strong winds, rains, storms and the scorching sun can make your exterior door deteriorate faster than you ever imagined. To avoid this, choose a material that is ideal for the weather conditions in your area. Materials like mahogany, even though a little bit pricey, are designed to withstand all kinds of weather.

Energy Efficiency

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on heating your home when it’s cold or keeping it cool during summer, install energy efficient exterior doors. Your contractor can advice on the material that helps to keep heat inside your home. Wood has some great insulating properties and so long as you choose a high-grade type, you will enjoy substantial energy savings.

Installation Method

Replacing the exterior door of your home may appear to be an easy task but there are a number of reasons why you need to hire professional installers. Materials like hardwood can be very heavy to handle so you risk injuring yourself or damaging the surrounding property if you want to install the door yourself. Furthermore, professionals usually ensure the door is properly installed with a tight fit to prevent heat loss.

Strength And Durability

When choosing an exterior door, it’s important to know just how long it’s going to last. Key factors to consider when it comes to the door’s quality is its strength and durability. Materials like wood can be really strong and last for so long when proper finishes are applied.


A solid exterior door that will protect your family and property from break-ins is always a great investment. When choosing an exterior door, find out what security features can go along with it. The exterior door should secure your home and allow you to enjoy the peace of mind and beauty that comes with the new addition.