What To Look For In A Front Door

Front Door
The cold winter months are soon approaching. Now is a good time to invest in an exterior door that will keep your home’s interior adequately protected from the elements. The front door is exposed to a lot of regular use and harsh elements. If you are thinking of replacing it, there are a few factors you probably need to consider.

What’s Your Unique Style?

The first thing people will notice about your home when they visit is the front door. So it should reflect your personal style and attention to detail. Do you consider yourself a modern homeowner in love with every contemporary design that comes along? Do you love traditional elements like the fine grains of real wood on your floor or walls? Whatever you choose, make sure it blends with the rest of the home. If you are an artsy individual, then using different architectural elements to bring out your style would be ideal. You don’t have to choose a complicated design in order for the front door to stand out, sometimes simplicity is key.

Compare The Material Options Available

There are a number of materials used to manufacture front doors. Three of the most common ones are steel, wood and fiberglass. Wood is a preferred option for exterior doors because it is strong, stable and has a timeless beauty. When properly stained, wood can withstand the elements like moisture and sunlight. Wooden entry doors need regular inspection to prevent any warping, shrinkage, wear and tear from getting out of hand.

The other popular option is fiberglass which can be stained or painted. Fiberglass entry doors are affordable and require little maintenance. You can also choose to go for steel front doors which are very strong but have a shorter lifespan compared to real wood. Steel is also prone to denting so you may need to invest more time and money repairing dents in the future. Ask the contractor to explain to you the different materials available as well as their pros and cons.

Consider The Size

Last but not least, you need to consider the size of the front door that is most ideal for your home. You may want to choose a double door as opposed to a single-entry door. But bear in mind that double doors are usually ideal in larger homes that open up to a spacious entrance hall. You can get an accurate measurement of your entry and then ask for expert advice on the size of door that would be most ideal.

Consider other features that you can incorporate on the door to make it more appealing such as side lights and transoms. Regardless of what you choose, make sure the entry door is installed by a highly experienced professional. If the door doesn’t have a proper fit, you risk spending a lot of money on energy bills. Get a professional to assess your home and recommend a suitable style of front door that best brings out your home’s unique character.