Latest Trends In Exterior Doors

Exterior Door Trends

Want to find out what’s popular when it comes to entry door designs? Read on. There’s been an increasing interest in custom exterior doors over the years. Many homeowners are looking to invest in custom doors that depict their personal style and are designed to last for many years. We’ll cover some of the designs and styles of exterior doors that we’ve seen with homeowners in 2016.

Mahogany Doors Are Quite Common

Mahogany has been the top choice of most homeowners when it comes to custom doors due to its durability and stability. Unlike other materials, mahogany is a very attractive and heavy hardwood that can last for decades without the need for replacement. This type of material works well in different styles whether you want a contemporary or traditional look. Mahogany doors can be customized to suit different needs.

Larger, Wider Doors

Homeowners are now going big when it comes to exterior doors. They prefer larger and wider doors that make a striking statement in a home’s exterior. A large door is not only secure but can also be designed to make the home stand out. Larger doors are usually very durable, depending on the material they are made from. When the door is wide, it tends to make the area look spacious. Homeowners opt for wider doors because they open up the entryway.

Architectural Details

Modern homeowners are no longer going for plain and simple doors on their entryway. It’s high time they seek beautiful architectural details that give the home a unique character. Architectural elements can be used to give the door some elegance and bring out a unique sense of style. Designers are creating doors that resemble those used in churches and castles in order to give homes a special appeal.

Beautiful Finishes

There are homeowners who want to make a statement using color, other finishes and stains. You’ll come across custom-made doors that have been painted deep and rich colors that accentuate other elements in a home. For instance, the door can be stained to match your red bricks or a cedar siding. If you have a wooden door, then a colored stain can be applied to make it more appealing while preserving the beauty of real wood. Homeowners who are going for deep reds and other colorful elements on their entry doors want to evoke energy and passion even before you step into their homes. There are so many beautiful finishes being used today to bring out perfection in exterior doors.

Stained And Etched Glass

Glass has been incorporated in modern doors with beautiful patterns and designs to enhance elegance and allow light into and out of the home. Modern doors that have stained and etched glass are a recent trend because they showcase quality and craftsmanship. If you get a suitable contractor to design your custom door, this is a look that you can achieve to enhance opacity and more privacy in your home. High quality glass is used to ensure the doors are safe and secure.