Five Classic Front Door Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

Front Door Designs

Are you looking for a front door design that will maintain its appeal for many years to come? Take a look at the five timeless designs below. You can borrow a thing or two from the design ideas and install a front door that makes your home the talk of town. Consider aspects like durability and stability when choosing the front door. Make sure the true elegance of real wood is perfectly displayed in your entry door of choice.

Elegant Side Lights With A Classic Finish

Side lights have come a long way in making the exterior of a home look bright and beautiful. Even if the front door doesn’t have any architectural details and it is rather plain, side lights tend to make it appear bold and stylish. You can choose a full paint finish in order to make the door very classy and welcoming. Sidelights tend to give the entry way an elegant finish and you can be guaranteed that there will be enough light getting into your home when you need it. This kind of design is perfect all-year-round. It can be used in both contemporary and traditional homes. You’ll never feel as though your entry way is too ancient after a couple of years.

Timber Planks With Glass Strips

If you don’t want a bulky entry door, one way to break it down is to use timber planks and alternate them with some glass strips to create a very interesting look and feel. Instead of using horizontal or vertical planks of wood, the door can be designed using chevron wood panels. Feel free to think outside the box when it comes to colors. Explore bold colors like a beige finish that gives the home a modern touch.

Go Big And Bold

Traditional homes had big and bold glass doors that gave the exterior a breathtaking look. Even though bigger doors are sometimes too heavy, they tend to open up the space and make a small exterior look bigger. You’ll need to invest in proper hardware to achieve this look.

A Textured Finish

With so many options when it comes to finishes for wooden doors, you can think outside the box and come up with a design that’s highly artistic as well as traditional. For instance, you can have a textured print on top of the door’s finish to make it a bit more interesting. To give the entry door a modern touch, consider up to date options like laser carved doors which can showcase very fine details in a modern home.

Get Rid Of Visual Hinges

If you want to achieve a minimalistic look and still seek out a classic design, go for a door that doesn’t have a focal point. It can have a solid color or a pattern that runs from top to bottom with a stunning alternative to the traditional door hinges.

There are many other classic door designs that you can choose for your home. Consider a look that blends perfectly with the rest of your space.