Entry Door Colors That Never Go Out Of Style

Entry Door Colors

Are you wondering what colors would be perfect for your front door? Choosing a color that brings out the best of your home’s exterior can be rather overwhelming. Entry doors come in a variety of colors and shades which makes your decision even harder. Some colors are bright and bold whereas others are plain and traditional. It all depends on the look that defines your home most.
If you choose a solid color, expect to bring out a timeless appeal on your home’s exterior. Bold and bright colors that are easily noticeable from the street are perfect for contemporary homes. Just make sure the colors you choose blend with the interior of the home as well as the surrounding landscape. Below are a few popular options worth considering.


You can never go wrong with this hardwood color. It’s very popularly used in flooring but many door manufacturers have it too. Gunstock is a dark brown color that makes the door to appear and feel smaller but very modern. Adding a gunstock stain on your door will instantly transform and give it a more modern look.

Red Cherry

A red cherry entry door is only for the bold and modern homeowners. It can function as a great component to bright and busy exteriors. This red cherry is an excellent option if you want to create a very versatile look that complements any style of home. It’s perfect for the color conscious homeowner who wants to make a statement.

Neutral Palettes

Neutral colors like gray can also work well if you have a surrounding that is not so busy. It creates a perfect finish that can blend well with the flooring and the walls. Grays have become beautiful stains applied on modern entry door designs and have the same timeless beauty as brown stains. Gray entry doors are extremely attractive in any modern setting.

Yellow Oxide

This is a nice color for your entry door if you are looking for something bright and different. Yellow oxide stained entry doors can be paired with darker accents to create a classic exterior. Beware that this particular color can attract dirt easily and hence proper maintenance is key. Choose this color if you don’t have small kids or pets in your home so that it’s easy to keep clean.

Brown Mahogany

This is the best color to create a bold and rich design statement on your entry door. Brown mahogany is always an exceptional choice in modern homes. It can be paired with creamier colors and marble décor to make your home’s exterior absolutely breathtaking. This unique color can transform a calm exterior palette into something classic and dramatic.

Forest Green

Consider this if you are looking for a color that will add more natural beauty to your home’s exterior and also blend with the surrounding landscape. Forest green can be ideal in modern homes with very rich landscaping features on the exterior. It’s an ideal way to bring the outdoor space to life.