How To Choose The Right Color Front Door

Front Door Color

Choosing the perfect front door for your home can be a bit intimidating. You have different styles, designs, colors and materials to choose from. Whatever you decide should be based on your personal preference. But don’t forget to consider the quality, durability and functionality of your entry door. When it comes to the color, you may want to take a look at your home’s unique style and make sure the entry door blends with the rest of the space. Below are a few things to consider when it comes to the color of your entry door.

Current Color Scheme

Are you following a specific color scheme in your home? Make sure the entry door is designed to match perfectly with that color scheme. If you have specific colors in a modern home, an entry door that blends with those elements is most ideal. You can get a professional to help you create a consistent look.

Shop Different Color Combinations

If you’ve done home renovations before, you’ve probably used a color wheel. Color wheels come in handy when you don’t want to choose a single color but you need something that will help you visualize the possible options. With a color wheel, you can tell which shades work well together and those that don’t. You can get very unlikely color matches that appear beautiful when painted on an entry door.

Consider The Mood

What mood would you like your guests to experience when they walk into your home? Think about this when choosing an ideal color for your entry door. If you want to create excitement, then bright and bold colors would be perfect for your entry door. For those who are looking for a classy and modern appeal, solid blacks and browns would be perfect for the exterior doors. Remember that darker colors tend to bring out a more laid back and traditional feel than brighter colors.

Weigh The Different Color Options

Shop around the different color stains that can be used on entry doors. Browns are ideal for wood entry doors. You can opt for green if you have lots of flowers and vegetation in your front yard and you want it to blend with the entry door. Very bright colors like purple or orange should be used sparingly. These colors can be used to create a dramatic effect on the home’s exterior. Red is also a popular option in many homes because it gives the property a very sophisticated look.

Ease Of Maintenance

When choosing what colors to go for, know that some options are harder to maintain. For instance, white doors can look really appealing in modern homes but are difficult to keep clean and spotless. Dirt will show very fast in a white door. If you have pets and kids around, it’s best to go for an entry door with a darker shade.

Whatever color you choose for your entry door, make sure it’s able to brighten your home and give it a fresh vibe.