Three Signs Your Doors Need Replacing

Replacing Doors

At this time of the year, many homeowners are choosing to invest in different renovation projects. Some are working on their landscapes and gardens whereas others are cleaning the gutters and sealing the driveway to give the home’s exterior a fresh look. Most homeowners will rarely consider the state of their doors when making adjustments; they assume that if the door can close and open properly, it doesn’t need to be replaced. Sometimes replacing your door will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. We will take a look at three signs to look out for that determine whether your doors need replacing.

Spaces And Gaps When The Door Is Shut

Consider replacing your door if you notice light coming through it when it’s completely shut. When you notice light passing through spaces underneath, around or between the doors, know that you must be losing a lot of heat during the cold season. Gaps on your door can make it difficult to maintain the temperature in your home because cool air and heat circulates inside and out of your home. Some homeowners will rush to install new weather stripping in order to cover the gaps and spaces; if the door wasn’t a good fit, it will have gaps and spaces that will always present trouble. You will eventually need to replace it with a better fit.

The Doors Are Poorly Insulated

When your exterior doors are not properly insulated, you will often feel cold or hot air drafts when you stand next to them. You may need to replace the door with a better option that insulates well. For instance, metal or wooden doors do not offer the same level of insulation like fiberglass. You may also opt for sliding doors because they are very energy efficient and do not need any weather stripping to prevent heat loss. But choose the material for your exterior door wisely; it all depends on what you want to achieve. If you don’t change the exterior doors that are poorly insulated or have gaps and are leaking, you will spend a lot of money keeping the home cool during summer and trying to maintain warmth during winter.

The Doors Are Somewhat Faulty

It is important for you to have a secure and functional exterior door. If the door doesn’t open or close properly, it’s reason enough to have it replaced. It could be that the door wasn’t properly installed and hence the problem in its operation. Sometimes the door may shift because of harsh weather and become difficult to open or close. Materials like wood and metal usually expand and contract due to temperature changes. Some of these functionality issues arise because the exterior door is constantly used and exposed to a lot of wear and tear. There are cases when certain elements of the door need to be replaced such as the rollers whereas in other situations, you’ll need to invest in a brand-new door.