Entry Doors – Single Versus Double

Entry Doors Single Vs Double
When it’s time to install a new entry door in your home, you are likely to be presented with two options: a single or double entry door. Before you settle for the right type of entry door, it’s worth considering the differences between these two options.

What Are Single Entry Doors?

Single entry doors are very common in most homes. They don’t occupy a lot of space which makes them very affordable to the average homeowner. If you live in a small home, a single-entry door would be an ideal choice. Bigger homes will have larger entrance halls so a single-entry door wouldn’t look nice on the exterior. In the same way, a double door in a smaller home will look out of place.

When Should You Install A Double Door?

Double doors on the other hand are popular because they allow enough light into the home. They are an excellent addition if you would like to brighten-up your living area or the entrance hall of your home. If your home is small but you still need extra lighting, you can use sidelights to achieve the same effect as a double door. Sidelights can be installed on both single and double entry doors to maintain the home’s privacy while allowing some extra light to filter through.
Choose a double entry door if you have the space for it. Consider the budget and time required for installation prior to choosing a double door. This kind of door tends to look really nice when installed in homes that have large entrance halls. Good thing with double doors is that you don’t need to open both sides every time. One section can act as the main door which can be used on a regular basis and the other one will only be opened when needed. You can also enhance the appearance of your double door by adding architectural details on the surface.

Advantages Of Double Doors?

Among the many advantages of having a double entry door is that it provides easy access when you are moving items in and out of the house. You can always open both doors to create enough room for moving furniture, big electronics like refrigerators and other larger items with ease. The other advantage of double doors is that they are very ideal when you have a party in your home. You can open up both doors to create a larger entrance and make your home more inviting. With a double door, your guests will get the best first impression of your home even before they step inside.

What To Choose

The type of door that is most ideal for your home will depend on your needs, the space available and budget. If you host large parties and you need a sizeable door to open up to the entrance hall, feel free to have a bold double door installed. If your home is small and you love your privacy, go ahead and install the single-entry door plus some side lights to give it a classic look and feel.