Advantages of Pre-Hung Doors

Pre-Hung Doors
One of the best innovations in the construction industry has been the pre-hung doors. A pre-hung door is a self-contained door unit that comes ready to install in a prepared doorway. The unit comes with its own frame, the door slab, hinges and the outer door frame. While a pre-hung door comes with pre-drilled holes for the lockset and deadbolt, it does not have the door handles, casing and door locks.

Pre-hung doors are loved for their simple installation process and come handy in a number of situations. Some of them include when there is no existing door frame, when the existing door frame is damaged beyond repair, during new construction after installation of new floors. You can also use the pre-hung doors when you are handling remodeling and the door frame is left open and exposed.

If you choose to work with pre-hung doors, there are a number of factors you need to consider. The door has to meet your requirements. This means you first have to measure out the doorway on all dimensions. This ensures you purchase a door that fits in perfectly. You also have to consider the house decoration styles and color theme. It should not be a problem because one of the advantages of pre-hung door is that they come in plenty of varieties.
You can get different options in material, designs, sizes and colors. You will not compromise on your house style plans to accommodate a door. It makes it perfect for remodeling process or when replacing a damaged frame. Another advantage as already mentioned is the easy installation process. The pre-hung door eliminates the need of having to work the door through the doorjamb and making sure it swings freely and properly. This is a time consuming and effort demanding process that you are saved by using pre-hung doors.

Other advantages of pre-hung doors are:

• Pre-hung doors are made with engineered eco-friendly material which helps conserve the environment.

• They come with in-built properties to withstand climate change and resist pests especially termites.

• They offer great insulation since they come with a thermal core set up to out-perform even solid core doors made of wood. You do not have to worry about weather-stripping and tight-fitting because it is already in place. It is also of a higher quality and fits the door for a perfect seal.

• Since they are fully assembled at the factory, it allows them to maintain the same level of sophistication as the jamb and architraves.

• Because they are installed after all the work has been completed and finishing done, their aesthetic elegance is maintained and does not come into harm.

• With pre-hung doors, you do not face the risk of moisture absorption. They are installed a few millimeters from the wall and they’re protected by a layer of expandable Polyurethane foam.

All these factors make the pre-hung doors a right option to consider when undertaking construction or your house remodeling. The main idea is to look for the right dealer and find the right fit for your requirements.