Features and Advantages of Impact Resistant Doors

Impact Resistant Doors
Residents in areas that are prone to storms and hurricanes well understand the importance of a strong door as a shield for most of your property. The devastation caused by strong winds, hurricanes and storms is brutal and several times it has proven fatal. Impact doors have been found to greatly reduce the risk and level of damage; they are now a requirement in many building codes. Impact doors are doors designed to meet high wind loads and can withstand different forces hurled at them without getting damaged. This helps protect the structural integrity of the house and keeps the property and people inside safe.

It is important to consider getting impact doors for your homes since their characteristics offer a number of benefits and functions. These include:

1. Impact resistant glass

Impact resistant doors come with impact resistant glass which is specifically made to withstand hurricane forces. This type of glass will allow light to come through but also keep your home safe from high winds. It is made from a series of silicone glazed glass layers locked in a special way. When subjected to the force of storms and hurricanes, this glass does not shatter as normal glasses do thereby keeping you safe.

2. Corrosion resistant

Aside from being made to be storm proof, impact resistant doors are also designed to withstand damage from moisture and harsh weather elements. The hurricanes and prolonged rains come with a lot of humidity, salt and then later on heat. All these elements can have adverse effects on your conventional door either during or after the storms. The effect of these elements is the corrosion of the door or it later fades its luster. Impact resistant doors are corrosion proof and can maintain their appeal for long years and after repeated exposure to harsh elements.

3. UV protection film

The impact resistant doors offer protection even in the sunny days. They come with an inbuilt UV protection film. This enables them to filter up to 99 percent of the UV radiation and keeps your home cool even during summer. The filtering of the UV rays also protects the door from losing color while also protecting you and the other pieces of furniture inside from the harms of the sunshine especially fading.

4. Raise your home value

Impact doors have the added function of generally raising the value of your home when you install them. They are a long lasting investment to the home, one which those looking for a new home will factor in. It can be a selling point especially for someone coming to a region full of storms. The installation of impact doors will also lessen your cost of your home insurance since you lower the risks of damage from hurricanes.

5. Beauty and versatility

You do not compromise on the aesthetic value of your home by going for the sturdiness and durability of impact doors. They are available in many elegant finishes and also come in a variety of designs and sizes. This ensures you have a strong door that meets your exact needs.