Advantages of Selecting an Exterior Custom Hardwood Door

Exterior Custom Hardwood Door
Your front door is all about making a strong statement. It sets the theme and standards for the rest of the house. This is why exterior custom hardwood doors are a popular choice for many homeowners. The class and elegance is unmatched while they provide a strong presence of character thanks to their natural grains unlike the case in wood composites. Working with hardwoods like teak, oaks, mahogany, walnuts and many more gives you a chance to pick a truly unique custom made door. They offer you all attributes of an ideal exterior door that is, a stunning and strong door. There are several reasons why you should choose to use an exterior hardwood door.

These are the advantages they offer to the user:

1. Durability

Hardwoods provide the sturdiness you want in your exterior door and for a long time. They are solid wood doors featuring high standards of a solid engineered wood core. This offers the kind of strength few kinds of doors can match.
The durability also reduces the money spent on maintenance during the life of the door. Proper care and installation of hardwood doors can see it lasting at least 25 years or more. With hardwood exterior doors, you have no risk of denting, cracking or chipping.

2. Great insulation

The natural nature of wood added to the fact that hardwood exterior doors are solid wood ensures you get a highly energy efficient kind of door. They are effective at keeping the cold out. During sunny days, the hardwood doors help to make your house cooler giving you great savings through all seasons. The other insulation advantage is noise. Hardwood exterior doors keep a lot of noise out while also preventing you from being a disturbance to neighbors. The acoustic benefits make these doors handy especially in noisy streets.

3. Great aesthetics

Working with hardwood choices for your exterior custom door gives you endless options of beauty. You have a wide range of grain finishes to work with. You also have a variety of designs and styles to choose from. From modern and sleek looks of bamboo and teak, traditional styles of mahogany and oak to the rustic feel of cedar, there is a lot for every taste. You can also choose to stain the wood or paint, and have some have moldings or special features crafted into the door.

4. Complement other furnishings and have quality hardware

Hardwood doors can work with just about every theme and other home décor. They actually form a great base upon which you can work out your other furnishings. Their deep textures allows them to fit in any theme while you can work out with colors to get a perfect fit. Hardwood doors come with top hardware to match their quality. This includes top class and durable hinges, bolts, locks, knobs, decorative strips where necessary and much more.

5. Added property value

With their numerous benefits, working with hardwood for your exterior doors is a great investment which increases the property value of your home.